1. Why Washers and Dryers Are So Hard on Clothes

    If you’ve noticed your clothing wearing out quickly, it’s probably not because your clothing is cheaply made (although that could be contributing to the problem). Many people don’t realize just how hard washers and dryers are on their clothing. These machines can cause your clothing to stretch and wear out far before they should, leaving you spending more money on new clothes...only to have …Read More

  2. Unusual Items You Can Use for Stain Removal

    Most of us keep a bottle or two of spray-on stain remover around the house. This stuff can be invaluable when it comes to removing stains on our clothing. But sometimes the best stain removers are products you wouldn’t normally think of for fabric treatment! Check out this list of unusual stain fighters from Bonnie Brite Cleaners, the Queens laundry service that’s been fighting stains for over…Read More

  3. We’ll Make Sure Your Wedding Dress Still Fits After You Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

    Many brides make an effort to lose weight or tone up before their wedding. They want to look their best for the photos that they will see and share with family for years to come. There is just one issue with this weight loss idea: your dress. Most dresses need to be ordered months before the wedding to ensure that you get them in on time. The weight you are when you order the dress could be drasti…Read More

  4. What Items You Should Have Dry Cleaned

    Not everything in your closet needs to be dry cleaned but some items are going to last longer and look better if you do. Our Queens dry cleaner helps clear up the questions you may have about what should and shouldn’t come to our dry cleaning service: You should dry clean… Items made from silk, rayon, taffeta, or other delicate fabrics. Clothing that has decoration such as beading, sequins, or…Read More

  5. How to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

    Feel like you are spending too much money on your clothes? Our Queens laundry service can offer tips on how to make your clothing last longer. Extending the life of your clothes will save you money on replacing those pieces. Try these tips and see if they help extend the life of your clothing: Follow garment care guides. Manufacturers put those guidelines on your clothing for a reason! Learn to re…Read More

  6. 3 Ways to Make Your Favorite Shoes Last Longer

    There is nothing quite as wonderful as slipping on your favorite shoes. You know they’ll take care of your feet for the day and you won’t have to worry about blisters or sore feet at day’s end. Breaking in a new pair of shoes can take a long time, so to maximize your comfort you should do what you can to make your shoes last as long as possible. Our Queen’s alterations and shoe repair team…Read More

  7. How to Treat Stains at Home: Blood

    Accidents happen. Of course, along with those accidents often comes blood stains on our clothing. Whether you have a rambunctious child or you’ve had a nasty encounter with a stapler at work, our Queens dry cleaner has tips on how to get those stains out and save your clothes: Soak it in cold water. This simply trick is sometimes the most effective. Run a sink of cold water and completely submer…Read More

  8. How to Treat Stains at Home: Wine

    We’ve all been there: you are out for dinner and enjoying a glass of amazing red wine when all the sudden you’ve spilled wine on your favorite shirt or best dress. Red wine isn’t an easy stain to get out, but spilling it on your clothing doesn’t mean the end of the road for that garment. Our Queens laundry service offers some things you try at home to try to remove that stain: Grab the sal…Read More

  9. 3 Reasons to Have Tailoring Done Professionally

    You might be able to do some simple alterations yourself, depending on your skill level and the items that need to be altered. In most cases, though, you’ll end up saving time and money by allowing a professional do it for you. Our Queens alterations team is ready to get to work on your items and we have three great reasons to choose a pro: You’ll save time. If you are like most people, your s…Read More

  10. How Your Curtains Could be Making Your Allergies Worse

    Curtains are a great way to make complete the look of a room in your home. They can add personality, tie your decorating together, or change up the look of a room without spending a fortune on redecorating. They can also harbor a ton of allergens in their folds. If you love your curtains but are tired of sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose, our Queens dry cleaners can help. The curtains in your…Read More