1. The Importance of Area Rug Cleaning

    How long has it been since you’ve cleaned your area rugs? If it’s been more than a year--or if you can’t remember the last time--our household dry cleaning services in Flushing can help! Cleaning your area rugs isn’t just about making your home or office look nice, either; area rugs can have a serious impact on your health and allergies. When you don’t clean them regularly, you could be …Read More

  2. Boost the Look of Your Wardrobe With Tailor and Alterations in Flushing

    Your clothing just looks better when it’s been tailored to your body. If you’ve ever watched any of the popular makeover shows, you’ll hear this advice over and over: have your clothing tailored. If you are ready to bring your wardrobe to a whole new level of amazing, bring your items into our tailor and alterations services in Flushing. From pants to jackets to wedding dresses, our tailors …Read More

  3. Don’t Throw it Out! Shoe and Jacket Repair in Flushing Can Help

    It’s so easy to throw away a pair of shoes or a jacket that need minor repairs. When you take time to find a great shoe and jacket repair like Bonnie Brite in Flushing, you’ll experience benefits such as: Being more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, those items we throw away up in our landfills and add to our growing trash problem. By having your items fixed instead, you keep them out of the landfi…Read More

  4. Our Dry Cleaners in Flushing Offer Emergency Cleaning Service

    Sometimes you can’t wait for your items to come back from our dry cleaners in Flushing. We understand! While we work hard to get all of your items back to you in a timely manner, sometimes it just isn’t fast enough. That’s why we offer emergency dry cleaning services for those times when you need an item back as soon as possible! Our team will dry clean your item as quickly as possible so yo…Read More

  5. Suit Tailoring

    Nothing screams professionalism better than a good suit. Men and women alike, in all types of careers wear suits on a daily basis. Sometimes these suits cost into the thousands of dollars. There are suits that fit every personality from the eccentric to the runway model. When you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a suit, you want it to not only last, but you also want to look great …Read More

  6. Household Items And Dry Cleaning

    The majority of people in America have comforters on their bed. These are heavy, exceedingly large pieces of fabric that don’t need to be washed as often as your sheets may need to be but they still need to be washed frequently. Some comforters have special instructions to wash them properly. Washing heavy, large items like comforters can be a chore within itself. Let Bonnie Brite Cleaners help …Read More

  7. Wash And Fold Service

    We have all been at that point where we look at the pile of laundry cascading out of the laundry room. That moment it almost too overwhelming. Where do you even start? Instead of sitting on the floor in a pile of tears, Bonnie Brite has just the answer for you. Our wash and fold services do the same thing that you would do with your laundry but we are able to do it in half the time and without the…Read More

  8. Wash And Fold In Bayside, NY

    With a show of hands, who enjoys doing laundry? And by that we mean you look forward to spending hours doing all of the laundry from every person in your house. No one? Didn’t think so. So why do you continue to do it week after week? You know that there are professionals out there that will do it for you, right? Some places, like Bonnie Brite, will even come pick up your soiled clothes and deli…Read More

  9. A History Of Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning has come a long way since its inception by the ancient Romans. When dry cleaning was first coming on to the scene, the ancient Romans used ammonia from animal urine and clay to wash their togas that were made from wool. This became so popular with the townspeople that the government started to place a tax on the animal urine. Obviously, we no longer use animal urine and dirt to get ou…Read More

  10. Get Your Letterman’s Jacket Dry Cleaned

    As a superior athlete in high school, you worked your pants off at the sport of your choice. Maybe you were a star football player, maybe you just played because you enjoy the game. Maybe you were the star swimmer. Maybe you just did it for fun but worked really hard. Whatever you did, you did enough to be rewarded that special pin. You went to the embroidery shop and picked out your customized ja…Read More