When you do your own laundry, you know what kind of detergent or fabric softener will be used on your clothes. Maybe you use some good quality bleach. Whether it is fruity or smells of linen; whether it has harsh chemicals or not, you know what is going into the machine with your clothes. When you take your clothes in to be dry cleaned, you never know what you get. At some cleaners, you may get the cheapest detergent out there. You could even have the strongest smelling clothes when you pick them up.

At Bonnie Brite, we use only the best detergent, bleach, and fabric softeners. We believe in quality and will take your requests and implement them in our services without a second thought. We provide services like hypoallergenic detergent, unscented finish, extra softener, certain garments on hangers or air dried. No matter what your request is, Bonnie Brite is happy to oblige. We will keep a record of your requests as well so that we know to follow them in the future, and continue until you tell us differently.

This service is not strictly limited to clothes, either. We also will provide this quality care to things like bed sheets, towels, bath mats, comforters and blankets, washable coats, work clothes, pet beds, and much more. So come in or call today so that you can start getting the best quality and service that there is to offer and let us relieve some of the stress that comes with doing your family’s laundry.