Wash and Fold ServiceWe have all been at that point where we look at the pile of laundry cascading out of the laundry room. That moment it almost too overwhelming. Where do you even start? Instead of sitting on the floor in a pile of tears, Bonnie Brite has just the answer for you. Our wash and fold services do the same thing that you would do with your laundry but we are able to do it in half the time and without the tears.

In case you don’t know what wash and fold means exactly, we will fill you in. This service means that we will take your clothes wash them in our heavy duty, large sized machines (which means we can add more clothes to one load of laundry), dry them and then we will fold them. When you receive your freshly cleaned laundry, all you have to do is put the clothes away.

One of the perks that you get when you get the wash and fold service with Bonnie Brite is that we will come pick up your bags of laundry and deliver them to you, clean for free. You read that correctly. Our pickup and delivery service is free with purchase of our wash and fold. This way you have more time in your day to do the things that you actually enjoy doing like spending time with your family or shopping.

Bonnie Brite Cleaners have been in service for more than 35 years in the Flushing, NY area and we know how take care of your laundry needs with expertise. Call us today.