Congratulations! You just got married! And your dress was just beautiful! But now what? That wedding dress that you just spent an amazing amount of money on is now just going to sit in your closet for however long. The chances of you ever wearing it again is slim. We at Bonnie Brite Cleaners have just the answer for you. Our employees are also experts in wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

After your big day, one of the last things on your mind is what to do with your gown. Let us come pick up your dress and dry clean it. We will then package your dress so that it can live on forever. Whether you are saving it because of the way it made you feel on your wedding day or if you plan on eventually passing it down to your daughter, Bonnie Brite will make sure that your gown will stay in mint condition until the time comes when you need to take it out.

Having your wedding dress preserved does take some time. Expect up to 10 weeks to get it back. But rest assured. When you get it back, you will be 100% satisfied with the end result. We promise that you will love how we have wrapped up your gown. You may even want to put it on display! If you are in need of having someone preserve your wedding dress, look no further! Bonnie Brite offers affordable and competitive rates and will get the job done