Last week, we read about some of the reasons to take your clothes to a dry cleaners so that your clothes will last longer. We will take a look at some more reasons now.
Stain Remover
This is probably the best and most exhausted reason to take your clothes to the dry cleaner. Most of us have been doing our own laundry for some time now and we have yet to figure out the secrets to getting out certain stains. The worst stains that come to mind are blood, ink and oil. You can wash and wash the clothing but those stains need special treatment that the professionals at Bonnie Brite know all about.
Sometimes no matter what we do, our clothes start to turn yellow. This can be from exposure to the sun or because you wear and wash the item so often that the color just changes. When you start to notice the color change, it is important to bring the garment to us so that we can treat it before it is no longer salvageable.
Odor Removal
Bonnie Brite is an expert on odor removal on both clothing and household items. After time, the material that your clothes are made of with start to retain the odors it comes in contact with such as body odor, smoke and environmental odors. We have the necessary tools and products to get those terrible smells out of your clothes.
If you are in need of any or all of these services, call Bonnie Brite Cleaners and we can arrange a pickup and delivery service just for you!