As a young person you may not have needed to take your clothes to a dry cleaner before because your clothes weren’t all that expensive or, for lack of a better word, fancy. Now that you are older, you are starting to spend more money on your clothes and you need them to not only last longer, you also need them to look as good as new for as long as possible. By taking your clothes to a dry cleaner, you can help preserve your clothing much longer because the professionals at your local dry cleaner know just what you need.
When you buy a new shirt or slacks, they may not fit you correctly. In order for your clothes to last you longer, the article of clothing should fit you exactly as it was intended otherwise it will wear out faster. By having the garment altered to fit you better, the material will not get ruined as fast.
Let’s face it, not all clothing is created equal. Sometimes buttons aren’t sewn on all of the way or the stitching isn’t as good as it could be. If you would like the clothing to last longer, bring the item into Bonnie Brite and we can fix it up quick. If you repair the clothes before it’s damaged beyond repair, your shirt or slacks will last longer.
Check out future blogs for more tips on how to keep your clothes looking new, longer and why you should take your clothes to Bonnie Brite to help you do so.