The majority of people in America have comforters on their bed. These are heavy, exceedingly large pieces of fabric that don’t need to be washed as often as your sheets may need to be but they still need to be washed frequently. Some comforters have special instructions to wash them properly. Washing heavy, large items like comforters can be a chore within itself. Let Bonnie Brite Cleaners help make this job easier.

Large washing machines

Being a dry cleaners, we own and operate commercial grade washing machines so large items like comforters are able to be washed without being stuffed into the machines that we have at home. We also have all of the products and the knowhow to handle all of the special care instructions that your household items may have.

Household Items Dry CleaningWe will do the work for you

At some laundromats, they give you access to larger machines specifically for your larger items like comforters. But here’s the problem with laundromats: they are time consuming. You have to drive to the laundromat and then wait for your comforter to wash and, if you are really patient, dry. Not to mention the fact that you need to have quarters for the machine. Sure, most laundromats have dispensers but that only works if they work. Another downside is that sometimes laundromats are in a bad part of town and they can be a scary place to wait around for your belongings to get cleaned. Of course, you do have the option to leave and come back for your items but you risk the chance that your items can be stolen.

By using our dry cleaning service, you save yourself time and money by letting us handle the task of washing your household items. We can even come pick it up and drop it off for you. Call us today!