You know that we offer area rug cleaning services, but those aren’t the only household dry cleaning services that we offer. There are many items around your home that you can bring into our Flushing location to have cleaned and returned back to you fresh and ready for use. These are some of the popular items brought to us by customers:

  • Heavy blankets and comforters. These items are often too big and bulky for your household washer and dryer, so you probably forego cleaning them for longer than you should. We can help you get your blankets and comforters clean and ready for guests or continued use by your family.
  • Curtains and drapes. The curtains and drapes hanging in your home collect plenty of dirt and dust inside of your home. When you leave windows open, your curtains collect allergens and pollen from the air. Your drapes are also a magnet for pet hair and dander. Bring them to us and we can eliminate dirt and stains, reduce allergens, and even get rid of odors.
  • Throw pillows. They might look great when you first buy them, but throw pillows can quickly lose their beauty as they are tossed around and used by your friends and family. Throw pillows aren’t easy to throw into your washer, especially if they have decoration, as it may ruin your pillow.

Have some of these items laying around the house? Bring them into our household dry cleaning shop in Flushing! We’ll get them cleaned and return them to you in like-new condition. Ask about our pick-up and delivery services, too!