Bonnie Brite Cleaners is your one stop shop for household cleaning. Whether dry cleaning, laundering, or hand cleaning, we know how to care for your household items including blankets, comforters, pillows, mattress covers, duvet covers, bath mats, carpet runners, curtains, drapes, slipcovers, throw pillows, pet beds, and much more.

Tracked in mud on a doormat? Wine stains on a runner? Got pet hair covering your beautiful draperies, area rugs or comforter? These are all very common issues that may not be so easy to deal with on your own. With our laundry services, we’ll take the hassle out of handling these items and make sure that when you receive these items back they’re as clean and fresh as they can be.

Along with all of that, we handle smoke damage remediation for household items and clothing. A fire can be devastating to your home or office. We’ve got the tools and experience to restore your valuable items to their pre-smoke damaged condition by effectively and safely removing the pervasive odor of smoke and deep clean soot.

When you do business with Bonnie Brite Cleaners, you receive unparalleled customer service and seasoned professionals to care for your household items and related accessory needs like shoes, handbags, Ugg boot cleaning, and much more. We do it all, and we do it for you.

Try us for quality services, reasonable prices, free pick up & delivery, and customized weekly service arrangements for all your fabric care needs. Call us today!