What do you do when your favorite pair of shoes becomes tattered and worn or your favorite jeans split a seam? The answer is simple. Do what many satisfied customers have been doing for over 40 years and head to Bonnie Brite Cleaners for the finest quality repairs, alterations and hard to find shoe repair service to help maintain your favorite clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Need a quick fix for a broken heel or fallen hem? Want reliable and reasonably priced alteration services for your uniforms or business attire? Have a wedding coming up and need a highly accurate fitting and alterations for your wedding gown or bridal party attire? Do you need to find a quality suit tailor? Need your good shoes stretched, dyed, polished or repaired?

For the last 40 years, Bonnie Brite Cleaners has been the one-stop garment care shop for many residents throughout Northern Queens. Along with laundry and dry cleaning services, we also offer decades of experience when it comes to custom tailoring, garment repair and shoe repair. Whether you need an absolutely flawless alteration, a simple patch, or new heels for your shoes, we can do it the right way at a reasonable cost.

Bonnie Brite is a great resource for customers when they need any kind of garment, related accessory, shoes or household item repaired or altered. We have the skills needed to perform old world craftsmanship that was meant to last and provide customers with value. Our tailors and cobblers have the experience to be fast and efficient, performing quality repairs while keeping the costs down. You will find that we are much more competitive and provide a better personal experience for your fittings or repairs than any department or specialty store, where tailors work for lower wages and rush to get as much done as possible with inconsistent quality all while customers pay exorbitant prices. At Bonnie Brite you will rest assured that your experience will be a positive one and your needs will be personally addressed so that the results are great the first time.

A family owned and operated business; we proudly provide affordable and competitive rates to our fully satisfied customers. Our team is always looking for ways to innovate. One of the ways we do that is by offering a free mobile app and web service so you can conveniently access your account to check orders, schedule a convenient pick up, receive automatic order notifications or communicate with us on preferences without needing to call or stop in. Now it’s easier and more convenient than ever for you to use our dry cleaning and laundry services and keep track of your orders.

So whatever your garment or accessory related repair need is, give Bonnie Brite a call or stop in`. We’ll fix it right up and you’ll be glad you stopped in to see us. Please feel free to call or contact us online for free estimates or questions about any service we offer.