You might be able to do some simple alterations yourself, depending on your skill level and the items that need to be altered. In most cases, though, you’ll end up saving time and money by allowing a professional do it for you. Our Queens alterations team is ready to get to work on your items and we have three great reasons to choose a pro:

  1. You’ll save time. If you are like most people, your schedule is packed. You need to balance the needs of your family with your job and personal life. It’s probably not leaving a ton of time for your alterations pile. Bring those items to us and you’ll be able to devote that time to other pursuits.
  2. You’ll save money. Having your clothing altered by a professional helps your items last longer. No dragging hems to wear out or oversized coats to be wasted in the back of a closet. You won’t have to replace your clothing as often and you’ll get more use out of every piece you purchase.
  3. We have the skills to tackle even the most difficult projects. Some alterations are straightforward, such as hemming a pair of pants. Some project, though, take a bigger set of skills and an experienced alterations expert. Our Queens alterations team can work on everything from silk blouses to wedding dresses to your favorite pair of pants.

If you have a pile of clothing that needs attention, bring it into Bonnie Brite Cleaners. We’ll make sure your clothing gets the treatment it needs so you look your best. Call us today to arrange pickup and delivery service or schedule it online!