If you’ve used other Queens alterations services, you’ve probably had a mixed bag of experiences. Some alterations services are great, but too expensive to be affordable in your budget. Other alteration services give you inconsistent service as they rush through their work. The ideal alterations service provides you with consistent, high-quality alterations at a great price, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Bonnie Brite Cleaners.

We’ve been providing alterations services to the Queens community for years and during that time we’ve built a reputation for affordable and high-quality service. Our tailors don’t rush through their work and give you back half-finished or poorly done alterations. We ensure that every piece you bring to us is done with the highest level of care. After all, if you care enough about your clothing to bring it to a tailor, we should care enough about it to do the work correctly. Once you’ve seen what our alterations team can do to make your clothing look better, fit better, and last longer, you’ll be a lifelong fan.

Try us out today. Bring a few of your items into our alterations team in Queens and let us show you why so many people are Bonnie Brite fans. We’re located in the heart of Queens, making it easy to get to our shop. You can combine your alterations needs with our dry cleaning and laundry services as well so you get all your garment care done by the same great team. Give us a call at 718-340-3203 or contact us through our website today.