Accidents happen. Of course, along with those accidents often comes blood stains on our clothing. Whether you have a rambunctious child or you’ve had a nasty encounter with a stapler at work, our Queens dry cleaner has tips on how to get those stains out and save your clothes:

  • Soak it in cold water. This simply trick is sometimes the most effective. Run a sink of cold water and completely submerge your garment. Allow it to soak in cold water overnight.
  • Make a paste. Mix water and cornstarch or talcum powder to create a paste and allow it to dry on the stain. Soaking it in the sun can boost this solution’s power. When the paste is dry, just brush off the dust.
  • Dab with hydrogen peroxide. You might want to test a small corner of your fabric first, as hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach and could harm some fabrics.

The key to getting rid of blood stains is to act quickly. Allowing these stains to dry before they are treated will make them much harder to remove. As with all stains, don’t dry your garment in a dryer until the stain has been removed or you’ll run the risk of making it permanent.

Of course, you can always bring your garments to our Queens dry cleaner and we’ll take care of all of your stains for you. Give us a call today or schedule a pickup and delivery time through our website. We’ll make your clothing look as good as new again!