If you’ve noticed your clothing wearing out quickly, it’s probably not because your clothing is cheaply made (although that could be contributing to the problem). Many people don’t realize just how hard washers and dryers are on their clothing. These machines can cause your clothing to stretch and wear out far before they should, leaving you spending more money on new clothes…only to have them ruined in the washer and dryer, too.

Bonnie Brite, a Queens dry cleaner, knows the damage that washers and dryers can do to many clothing items. While sturdier clothing items like jeans, cotton t-shirts, towels, and sheets can usually handle a trip through the washer and dryer just fine, other more delicate fabrics can not. The washer spins and twists clothing, putting it in danger of stretching and wearing out the fibers quickly. Dryers are often too hot (on even their lowest settings) and can end up shrinking or damaging clothing during the drying process.

While you are safe using a household washer and dryer for many items, if you have a delicate, embellished, or highly treasured item, you are better off taking it into a dry cleaner like Bonnie Brite to be cleaned. The dry cleaning process doesn’t use water or soap and is much gentler on your items. This can help extend the life of your clothing and in some cases can get it much cleaner. Give us a call today about our Queens dry cleaning service and we’ll arrange for the pickup and delivery of your items!