Getting your laundry to the cleaners can be a pain. You have to gather it all up into bags, haul it out of your apartment, and drag it down to the closest place, only to have to do it all over again once your laundry is done. Our Queen laundry service is different! We offer pickup and delivery services that eliminate the hassle of bringing your clothing to us. The best part is that we do it for free! Our pickup and delivery services won’t cost you any extra, and they’ll save you a ton of time and trouble.

All you have to do is give Bonnie Brite Cleaners a call at 718-340-3203 or visit our website to schedule your pickup. You can either provide the details about your laundry and required services, or allow our team to do all the sorting for you and provide you with a final bill. Our competitive prices mean that you can get all of your garment care done in one great store and keep coming back for more.

You have enough to do without worrying about your laundry. Let the Bonnie Brite team take care of everything! You’ll love our Queens laundry service and understand why we’ve been in business for over 40 years: because we provide the best full-service garment care around. Schedule your free pickup and delivery service and spend your extra time doing something that you love while we take care of your clothing. Get in touch with the Bonnie Brite team today.