Your wedding gown is one of the most important garments you’ll ever purchase. When the big day is over, chances are your wedding dress didn’t come through the ceremony and reception unscathed. You’ll want to be sure that your wedding dress is professionally cleaned by our Queens laundry service to keep it perfectly preserved. Here are some tips to keep your wedding gown safe for years to come once you get it back from the preservation experts at Bonnie Brite Cleaners:

  • Store your wedding gown box somewhere will very little light will get to it. Under your bed or on the top shelf of your closet is best. Don’t store it in an area where it gets direct sunlight.
  • Don’t hang up your dress for long periods of time. The box provided by our Queens laundry service is best; hanging your gown can damage it.
  • Avoid handling your gown more than necessary. Naturally, you’ll want to open your wedding gown box and look at your beautiful dress from time to time. When you do, though, wear white cotton gloves to avoid transferring oils to the fabric.

Your wedding dress can last for decades when preserved correctly by our Queens laundry service. You can save your wedding dress for your daughter or granddaughter to wear! If you’ve been waiting to preserve your wedding gown, don’t delay any longer. We can deliver your wedding dress back to you in a beautiful box that’s perfectly suited to keep your dress safe. Give the Bonnie Brite team a call and we’ll even come pick it up.