Feel like you are spending too much money on your clothes? Our Queens laundry service can offer tips on how to make your clothing last longer. Extending the life of your clothes will save you money on replacing those pieces. Try these tips and see if they help extend the life of your clothing:

  • Follow garment care guides. Manufacturers put those guidelines on your clothing for a reason! Learn to read the symbols so you understand the best way to care for each garment.
  • Dry clean items when possible. Dry cleaning is gentler on your clothing than washing and drying them in a machine. If a garment recommends dry cleaning, you’ll get much more use out of the item if you actually have it dry cleaned.
  • Wash items regularly. Sure, it’s fine to wear that shirt more than once if you didn’t do much in it the first time. But don’t let clothing go too long between washes. Perfumes, deodorants, and other beauty products can start to wear the fibers of your clothing if left too long.
  • Keep items hung up or nicely folded. Not only will your closet look nicer, but there is less strain on the fabrics when they are properly stored.

Our Queens laundry service can help you keep your items looking their best for longer! Arrange for a pickup of your items and our team will wash and fold your items for you according to their fabric care guidelines. Call us today or contact us through our website!