If you would like to create a new account, please click on Create Account in the box below. Then fill in the information requested and click Create. Write down the VIP number and password displayed, so you can log back in to the account you just created.
Click the Sign In Button on our website to log back into your new account. Then you will have access to reset your password and manage your account to set service preferences, add notes or instructions, create or update payment information. check order history and account balances. 
After registering a new account, you will be automatically emailed a welcome letter. The email will include a new customer discount coupon attachment, your online account Id and password to access your account via our website and also a VIP # and DCID (dry cleaner ID) # to access your account using our I-Dry Clean Mobile App from your mobile device or smartphone.
The Mobile App gives you a way to conveniently place pick up and delivery requests in addition to checking on pending orders, order history, account balances, and more. See the welcome letter for download instructions. You can download our I-Dry Clean mobile app for free at I-Tunes or Google Play stores online. 
Any inquiry or order request you make online will be promptly handled in real time during regular business hours. We will follow up and confirm all initial orders with a phone call or email to confirm. 
Attention Existing Customers – Please call us so we may provide you with an ID and password to access your current account. You may set up a new account online but your current data will not be shown. If you choose top set up a new account, you will need to let us know so that we can merge your old and new account if you want to access you current information. Any contact or preference information you provided on the new account will be retained.  You could also call us with your email address and we will provide you wil online access to your existing account.