1. We Offer Tailor and Alterations for Your Wedding Day in Flushing

    When it comes to the clothing you are wearing on your wedding day, you probably spent hours of  your time and a whole lot of your money on finding the perfect items. From the tuxes to the bridesmaid dresses to the very important wedding dress, you've made sure that every detail is perfect. That's why you need to make sure the alterations are done right, too! Our tailor and alterations services in…Read More

  2. Boost the Look of Your Wardrobe With Tailor and Alterations in Flushing

    Your clothing just looks better when it’s been tailored to your body. If you’ve ever watched any of the popular makeover shows, you’ll hear this advice over and over: have your clothing tailored. If you are ready to bring your wardrobe to a whole new level of amazing, bring your items into our tailor and alterations services in Flushing. From pants to jackets to wedding dresses, our tailors …Read More

  3. Suit Tailoring

    Nothing screams professionalism better than a good suit. Men and women alike, in all types of careers wear suits on a daily basis. Sometimes these suits cost into the thousands of dollars. There are suits that fit every personality from the eccentric to the runway model. When you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a suit, you want it to not only last, but you also want to look great …Read More

  4. Get Your Suit Tailoring Done At Bonnie Brite

    When you buy a suit off the rack, chances are that it’s not going to fit you perfectly. Maybe the sleeves or pants are too long. Maybe the size you bought is slightly too big and the next size down is way too tight. You can’t go to work with clothes that look like they are just hanging off your shoulders.Unfortunately, you don’t have any sewing experience and don’t know anyone that does. T…Read More

  5. Alterations are for More Than Just Suits and Wedding Dresses

    When you are trying on clothes at the department store, you never fit into the same size twice (women know this!). Every designer believes they need to be slightly different from the others which means that a size 10 could be a size 8, 9, 11, or even 12 depending on the brand. This is frustrating for all of us who just want to find a pair of comfortable slacks. It’s not fair that we have to go f…Read More