1. Unusual Items You Can Use for Stain Removal

    Most of us keep a bottle or two of spray-on stain remover around the house. This stuff can be invaluable when it comes to removing stains on our clothing. But sometimes the best stain removers are products you wouldn’t normally think of for fabric treatment! Check out this list of unusual stain fighters from Bonnie Brite Cleaners, the Queens laundry service that’s been fighting stains for over…Read More

  2. How to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

    Feel like you are spending too much money on your clothes? Our Queens laundry service can offer tips on how to make your clothing last longer. Extending the life of your clothes will save you money on replacing those pieces. Try these tips and see if they help extend the life of your clothing: Follow garment care guides. Manufacturers put those guidelines on your clothing for a reason! Learn to re…Read More

  3. How to Treat Stains at Home: Wine

    We’ve all been there: you are out for dinner and enjoying a glass of amazing red wine when all the sudden you’ve spilled wine on your favorite shirt or best dress. Red wine isn’t an easy stain to get out, but spilling it on your clothing doesn’t mean the end of the road for that garment. Our Queens laundry service offers some things you try at home to try to remove that stain: Grab the sal…Read More

  4. How to Clean a Lace Wedding Gown

    Your wedding gown is one of the most important garments you’ll ever purchase. When the big day is over, chances are your wedding dress didn’t come through the ceremony and reception unscathed. You’ll want to be sure that your wedding dress is professionally cleaned by our Queens laundry service to keep it perfectly preserved. Here are some tips to keep your wedding gown safe for years to com…Read More

  5. Free Pickup and Delivery for Our Queens Laundry Service

    Getting your laundry to the cleaners can be a pain. You have to gather it all up into bags, haul it out of your apartment, and drag it down to the closest place, only to have to do it all over again once your laundry is done. Our Queen laundry service is different! We offer pickup and delivery services that eliminate the hassle of bringing your clothing to us. The best part is that we do it for fr…Read More

  6. How Our Dry Cleaners in Flushing Can Save You Time & Money

    Our dry cleaners in Flushing can help you save time and money! We know that you have a busy schedule, between your work, home life, and trying to have a social life. That doesn’t leave much room for running to and from the dry cleaner. We also know that many people are living on tight budgets. They might not think dry cleaning is something that fits into their budget. Bonnie Brite in Queens is m…Read More

  7. Our Dry Cleaners in Flushing Offer Emergency Cleaning Service

    Sometimes you can’t wait for your items to come back from our dry cleaners in Flushing. We understand! While we work hard to get all of your items back to you in a timely manner, sometimes it just isn’t fast enough. That’s why we offer emergency dry cleaning services for those times when you need an item back as soon as possible! Our team will dry clean your item as quickly as possible so yo…Read More