When you are trying on clothes at the department store, you never fit into the same size twice (women know this!). Every designer believes they need to be slightly different from the others which means that a size 10 could be a size 8, 9, 11, or even 12 depending on the brand. This is frustrating for all of us who just want to find a pair of comfortable slacks. It’s not fair that we have to go from store to store just to find a pair of pants that will fit the way we want it to.

Sometimes, we lose or gain weight and our favorite clothes no longer fit right. But we don’t want to throw these garments out, right? We paid a lot of money for them. So what can we do? Bonnie Brite has a solution. We have experienced tailors and seamstresses who would love to take your favorite clothes and have them fit you just right. We offer affordable rates and will do everything we can to get you back into your clothes in no time!

Nothing feels better than looking good. When your clothes just hang off your back (or backside), you don’t feel sexy. You think to yourself that you need to lose weight or workout to fill out those jeans. It’s quicker and cheaper to come to Bonnie Brite and let us take care of things for you. We will make appropriate alterations so that your clothes fit perfectly and no one will be the wiser!