Nothing screams professionalism better than a good suit. Men and women alike, in all types of careers wear suits on a daily basis. Sometimes these suits cost into the thousands of dollars. There are suits that fit every personality from the eccentric to the runway model. When you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a suit, you want it to not only last, but you also want to look great in it. And let’s be honest here, not every person is shaped the same way. That is where tailoring comes in.


It is important to know what to expect from a tailor before you go, maybe even before you buy a suit. The biggest thing to know is that it is easier to bring in the suit than it is to let it out. So when you purchase a suit it is better (and cheaper) to get the next size up then get it tailored.


When you go into the suit store, you find one that you love and you pick up the size that fits you best. After the purchase, you can bring your suit into Bonnie Brite Cleaners and we will pair you up with one of our very experienced tailors so that we can do proper measurements. Whether it just needs a quick hem or it needs to come in at the waist, we can get your suit fitting you perfectly before that next business meeting.


If you are looking for the best tailor in Flushing, NY, look no further than Bonnie Brite Dry Cleaners. We have been tailoring for over 35 years.