If you have a pet, you know that they can smell; Dogs and cats especially. Their hair gets on everything. They lay in their little beds and lick themselves. It’s not pretty. They spend a lot of time in those beds. Eventually they will start to smell and will be full of hair. If you clean these beds yourself, you have to vacuum up all of the hair in the bed. Once that is done, you will need to pull out the lining, if there is even a way to do that, and put it in the wash. If there isn’t a way to get the cushion out, then the whole thing goes in the wash. If it is a small enough bed, that is. Drying the bed is a whole other story! However, if you live in the greater Queens area, you can bring these pet beds to Bonnie Brite Cleaners and have us make them fresh once again.

There is no need to throw out a perfectly good pet bed just because it is smelly and hairy. At Bonnie Brite, we will take an old, tattered pet bed and make it look new and we will do it cheaper than a new bed will cost you. We have large washing machines that will hold even the largest of pet beds and will be able to dry them quickly with no issues. So if you are in need of a good cleaning for your beloved pet’s’ bed, look no further than Bonnie Brite in Queens. We will get you all taken care of with professional and friendly staff and affordable prices. Call us today!