As a superior athlete in high school, you worked your pants off at the sport of your choice. Maybe you were a star football player, maybe you just played because you enjoy the game. Maybe you were the star swimmer. Maybe you just did it for fun but worked really hard. Whatever you did, you did enough to be rewarded that special pin. You went to the embroidery shop and picked out your customized jacket (newer jackets are customized, anyway, depending on location). Once you got that jacket, it never came off your shoulders. Even if it was hotter than the surface of the sun. You were proud of it and you were going to get your (parent’s) money’s worth.

Well, sadly, high school was decades ago. What happened to that letterman’s jacket? If you still have possession of it, we are willing to bet that the jacket has either been locked away in storage or in your closet all of this time. Bonnie Brite Cleaners thinks that it is time to get that classic high school momento in for a cleaning.

Our dry cleaning service professionals have seen their fair share of letterman’s jackets. We know what it takes to get them looking as good as they did in their glory days. We also know that the chances of you wearing that jacket again are slim to none (even if you can still fit in it!). So with that in mind, we take the necessary actions to make sure that your most prized high school possession can stay safe and protected for years to come.